NROL, Strength II, workout 4A

I managed to make it through this one without hurting myself. Thank goodness for small miracles I guess. Last time I had a really tough time with my back and couldn’t finish some stuff. This time I went lower at times but I got it done.

Here are the numbers.

Squat – 4×185, 4×195, 4×200, 12×145

(I did a ton of warmups here.  Started with the bar, then 95, then 135. By the time I got to 185 it felt really heavy so I made that my first set. 195 was a little easier. By the time I got to 200 I felt good. It’s weird how many squats I have to do before I feel comfortable. I was proud that I added 10 on the last set. It felt the best of all my lifts today. I’m starting to miss the high reps of the fat loss phase. You really get a sweat going.)

Quarter squat –  3×225, 3×225, 3×225

(Stayed with 225 the whole way. I actually went lower this time. I think I’m close to the right form. Almost. Maybe.)

Good morning – 8×95, 8×95

(Really felt this in my hamstrings and I’m not sure if that means I’m doing it right. Back felt good the whole time.)

Dynamic lunge – 8×30, 8×35

(Form here was incredible. My knee scraped the ground every single time. Tons of sweating here.)

Swiss ball crunch– 6×25, 6×25

(Added a 25 pound weight to my chest. Not sure if that helps any. It really feels awkward.)


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