NROL, Strength II, workout 4C

Today was good. A lot better then I expected it would be.

It was deadlift day again and I’ve come to fear deadlift day like no other. It’s an almost automatic reaction now. When I think about it my back starts hurting. Last time went well and I planned to stay smart with my weight choices but I’m not going to lie and say I still wasn’t worried.

Things went great and I had no back pain. That’s two deadlift days in a row! A few more of those and maybe I can stop being so nervous when these things roll around.

Here are the stats for today’s lift.

Deadlift – 4×215, 4×215, 4×220, 12×165

(Part of being smart here was staying with 215 for the first two lifts. My first instinct was to start at 220 so I can finish off with two big plates. I talked myself out of it and again tried to prove to myself that I could handle 215. Both went off well so I took a shot at 220. It was good too. Basically all I did was add 5 pounds to the last two sets. That is more then enough improvement for now.)

Rack deadlift – 3×225, 3×225, 3×225

(This is the most frustrating lift ever. If it came to it I probably could have actually deadlifted the amount of weight I had in the rack. It’s just a weird angle. I don’t know what’s wrong. The rack is just below my knew so I’m not sure where my legs ought to be. Maybe farther back? All I know is that each set required me taking 4 or 5 shots at it before I could get it off the rack. The funny thing is that the second and third reps were relatively easy. Never once had any trouble as soon as I got that first one up. They’re the same damn thing! I put the bar back on the rack and basically regrip every time. I made exactly zero progress on this lift after 4 lifts. Sucks.

Funny story. The gym was totally empty today except for me, my wife and some new guy. While I was doing these things I did a lot of cursing. I also banged the bar on the rack pretty loudly. After every set I walked away all pissed off because it was so hard. That guy probably thinks that I’m some asshole meathead. Maybe he thinks we have that kind of gym. He’s probably gonna be relieved when he finds out that it’s definitely not.)

Bulgarian split squat – 8×40, 8×40

(Same problems as always today. Left leg was awesome. Right leg sucked. Before that second set I was like a damned mathemetician setting up that bench. I lined it up to the freaking inch. It was perfectly straight. Right leg still sucked and my knee hurt. I thought long and hard about this problem on my walk home and I think I know what’s wrong. I’m not dropping my left knee like I do with my right knee. All of the sudden it hit me and I felt like an idiot. When I have my right knee on the bench all I’m thinking about is dropping it to the floor. I don’t even think about my left knee when I switch up. In fact most times I don’t even try to drop it. WTF? Why did I just figure this out?)

Back extension– 8×25, 8×25

(Used the 25 both times this time and I can feel the burn in my back. I’m starting to like these. I adjusted the top of the thing on the second set so I could go lower. That was a lot better.)

Hanging leg raise– 6xBW, 5xBW

(I’m incredibly proud of my first set here. I was barely holding on for that last rep but I was stable the whole time and managed to do all the moves. Last time I only got 4 on the second set so getting 5 here was an improvement. By this point my grip is shot. I lost a little stability during that second set so I had to hang a little longer in order to get back in line. At the moment I’ve only got a set amount of time before I know my grip gives out. Any rocking and I”m done for.)


One response to “NROL, Strength II, workout 4C

  1. Hey! I was searching programs for elliptical workouts and I bumped into ur blog. Wow-u r doing a great job…yeah, the scale may not always move, but u seem to be happy with the way ur body is looking and how healthy you are feeling. That is what matters…keep up the good work. I am trying to lose about 50 pounds (Hit 195 last week 😦 Want to get pregnant again and am worried about how much my body is gonna change again…did u feel ur elliptical workouts help? It is the only exercise that doesnt hurt my back and feet…and I seem to enjoy doing…again seeing ur blog is very motivating…i’m sure u worked hard…keep it up! Ur doing great!

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