My future clean eating diet plan

After posting about my calories and macros I started thinking about my long term plans for cleaning up my diet.

In the future I hope to live by the maxim “If it comes in a bag or box don’t eat it.” I’m not there yet but I’m working on it. I need to eventually lose the cereal and chicken in a bag. I also probably eat too much cheese and I have developed a bad habit of eating my wife’s weight watchers ice cream fudge cups. Other then that I think I’m doing decent.

I’ve made some progress in that I’m using the old George Forman grill now. I’m making burgers and chicken (rarely) so it’s a start. My vegetable intake is FAR too low. Maybe when I start making the chicken breast on a regular basis I can add the vegetables. I don’t really hate them. In fact, I’ll eat virtually anything.

I don’t have an excuse. At first I was bothered by the packaging. Every pack I’d find had multiple servings. I really wanted something in one serving sizes. Now that I’ve been measuring the crap out of everything for a month now I’ve really got no excuse.

So, in conclusion, diet is still hard but I’m getting better.


One response to “My future clean eating diet plan

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