Afterburn, week 14, day 1

Today I’m completely spent. I felt like I gave all I could. My legs and abs were extremely sore from lifting yesterday. Haven’t felt like that in a while. I never seriously considered skipping the gym but I was grumpy during my whole walk. Navigating my way through all the slush from the snow this morning didn’t make me feel any better.

This thing is all mental. I’m ready to stop before I even get halfway through. I have to keep telling myself to just do one more sprint. It’s usually not a big deal until the end. The last round today hurt just as much as usual. My breathing is getting respectable but I’m still weezing toward the end.

Walking home I felt really good. It was a mix of endorphins combined with the satisfaction at a job well done. I don’t get that feeling everyday but when I do I’m grateful for it. It makes me feel like everything I just went through was worth it.



One response to “Afterburn, week 14, day 1

  1. great spirit man,

    i was really inspired because i usually get that feeling that i am tooooo tired to do the next step

    i have gave up once or twice but iam really going to try harder this time

    glad to here that its normal to feel that way


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