NROL, Strength III, workout 1C

I had back worries since today was deadlift day. It was a little touch and go but I managed to get all the lifts in.

Here are the stats.

Deadlift – 3×225, 2×235, 1×245, 3×230, 2×240, 1×250

(I can barely deadlift more than I squat. The only thing that is really holding me back is my back. Today I did a lot of warmups just like on squat day. Even with that I remained cautious. You never know. I had some pain after the first work set but it wasn’t enough to keep me from going on. I think the long rest breaks were what enabled me to do it.)

Rack deadlift – 2×245, 2×245, 2×245

(I don’t have a clue what I’m doing here. In theory these numbers should be higher then my deadlifts. They’re supposed to allow me to lift higher weight. I just can’t. I tried a few times going a little heavier and I had no shot. I got down to 245 before I was able to move the bar. I put the safety pins on their lowest rung so it lines up with my knees. Maybe that’s too low. I’m going to make them a little higher next time and see what happens. I scraped my knees something awful on all three sets. Somethings got to give.)

Snatch grip deadlift off box – 6×165, 12×135

(My trouble with my second round of squats last time convinced me to go lower then I thought I could here. That was a good decision. Using the snatch grip and standing on the box added a lot of difficulty. The first set was difficult. The second set was easier but I felt my legs burning for every rep. Definitely got me sweating.)

Zercher good morning – 4×95, 4×95

This is an awkward movement. You put the bar in the crook of your arms and do the good morning. I went with 95 which is what I used for my normal good mornings. It went OK. I think I could do more but, again, it’s awkward. Once I get to where I can keep the bar straight consistently I can move the weight up. That’s all assuming my back continues to hold up, of course. I’ll also have to deal with increased pain from the friction on my forearms. That’s no biggie though. I’m used to constantly getting bumps and bruises by now.)

Hanging leg raise – 4xBW, 4xBW, 4xBW, 4xBW

(Not sure how I could add weight here. Not that I could handle it if I ever figure that out. I like the extra sets and shorter rest periods. If nothing else it’s making me better at hanging on to the bar. That’s gonna be huge whenever I get strong enough to do chin ups. Since it was only four reps a set I never really doubted I could hang on. I had the chance to slow down and stabalize myself after every crunch. It felt good. This exercise doesn’t hurt my shoulders anymore. That’s a huge relief.)


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