NROL, Strength III, workout 2A

Sometimes it’s best to take some time off before you blog 

I wrote two different entries earlier today. In the first one I was incredibly angry and in the second one I was incredibly depressed. This one, I hope, will be a little more level headed.

Today was squat day and it was an unquestionable failure. Probably my worst day of lifting ever.

After 4 warm up sets I put up 225 to start squatting. I felt pain in my lower back coming up from the second one. I somehow managed to get a third rep done. The next set was a joke. I did 235 but they were quarter squats at best. The last set was 245 and I knew I had no chance. After breaking it back down for another set of 3 at 225 I finally hit the wall. I went down on the first rep and couldn’t get up. The back pain was too much. The bar hit the safety supports and made a loud noise that the whole gym could hear.

I didn’t even attempt quarter squats. I tried to do my second group of squats but I could only manage 3 reps of 135. Not the 6 or 12 like I was supposed to do. It just hurt too much. I later played around with 95 and that too was too uncomfortable.

I went through the rest of the program with the same weights as last time. For some reason, my back wasn’t an issue for any of them.

I don’t know what to do. My back doesn’t hurt now. It didn’t hurt for most of the time in the gym. It only hurt at the bottom of my squats. I felt like my form was good. My chest was out, my abs were tight, my head was up. No clue.

I’m not going to quit. This was only one day. Tomorrow will be better. I’m just going to chalk this up to one of those days and try to forget about it.


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