NROL, Strength III, workout 2D

I’ve finally hit the point where I’m sick and tired of the strength phase of this program. Today was the day. I hate it. I’m sick of the pounding I’m taking because of all the weight and I’m sick of the long ass rest periods. Luckily I’ve only got eight more lifts left in it. 

Here are today’s stats.

Close grip pull up – 3x(-)105, 2x(-)90, 1x(-)75, 3x(-)90, 1x(-)90, Fx(-)75

(I figured I had to try to go up in weight even though the machine uses 15 pound increments. I couldn’t do even one rep of my fifth set until I bumped it back up to 90. No chance on that last set. No chance at all.)

Barbell shoulder press – 4×115, 4×120, 8×100

(I went up on every single rep here. That felt good.)

Cable seated row – 4×195, 4×195, 8×180

(I stayed at the same numbers this time. I’m having a hard time with my back so I’m not taking chances.)

Reverse woodchop – 8×100, 8×100, 8×100

(Bumped up the first set in order to make all the reps at 100 pounds. These things really hurt my knee and my toes. I have to plant really hard when I explode up. Reaching down at the start of each rep doesn’t exactly do wonders for my back either.)


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