My long weight loss nightmare is over!


It’s been a little over seven months but I’m finally able to update my weight loss chart! On Groundhog Day no less. A little ironic considering that stepping on the scale felt like I was living out that movie for the past half year.

I hit this number immediately after the gym so it’s not an official morning weigh in or anything. I really don’t care. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen 256 so I’m putting it up. Maybe I’ll actually start losing some weight now.


2 responses to “My long weight loss nightmare is over!

  1. Hi , It seems that you did not think about it and suddenly you find the truth . I understand this , it happened to me specially during the holidays. Just yesterday i re-started my wonderful diet that i always like and it really give a results and i i went to the gym for 2 hours . and today i feel no hunger and looking better.

  2. Helo, thats a good point to start a new year diet plan 😉 My weight is still for last 10 days and it’s exactly 257 lb (went down from 293 in 2 months) so I wish us both going down even more 😉
    And after losing those 36 lb I feel great! Can’t wait to feel another 30-40 lb less 😉
    All the best!

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