NROL, Strength III, workout 3C

I’ve been having a lot of back pain lately. In fact I’ve been having a lot of pain in general. My body is really wearing down from all the stress of lifting. I’m looking forward to taking a few weeks off soon. First I’ve got to finish my strength phase and my afterburn phase. Both should wind down around the same time – in a two weeks. 

Today was deadlift day but I didn’t really take it easy. My goal was to increase weight from last time and I managed to do it.

Here are the stats.

Deadlift – 3×190, 2×200, 1×210, 3×195, 2×205, 1×215

(I added five pounds on every lift. More importantly I feel like I made some progress on my form. There is a mirror to my left that I look at sometimes when I’m doing my warm up sets. I feel like I have a better feeling of what it takes to keep my back straight during the whole movement. My back isn’t as perpendicular to the ground now as it used to be. Now it’s at an angle. This makes the stress on my back feel a lot less severe.)

Rack deadlift – 2×275, 2×285, 2×300

(Nothing really to report on the first two lifts. They are really easy now that I’m able to get my knees under the bar. The last set was tough but only because I had problems with my grip.)

Snatch grip deadlift off box – 6×165, 12×135

(I stayed with the same numbers because this lift is incredibly difficult. I’m also not exactly happy with my form. Sometimes I get it right but other times I have a tendency to slip into a bad position. I’m not going to go any heavier until I can make sure that I can do the lift without rounding my back. That’s a lot easier said then done.)

Zercher good morning – 4×100, 4×100

(Bumped the weight up and I felt the pain in my back. I probably should be careful here. Maybe I should have stuck with 95. I got these done but at what cost?)

Hanging leg raise – 4xBW, 4xBW, 4xBW, 4xBW

(On the first set I felt really positive and happy. It felt like I had gotten better at hanging on to the bar. I was able to be a lot more deliberate with my movements because I was allowed more time. As the sets continued I had less and less time before my grip gave out. By the last set I had almost no time.)


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