The problem with counting calories

Yesterday I wrote a post stressing out about my caloric intake but I think I forgot to take into account an important factor.

Calorie counting isn’t an exact science.

I THINK I’m eating 2000 calories a day but am I really? Probably not. I can imagine that despite my best efforts it would be quite easy for a few 100 or so calories to slip by undetected. In fact, the more I think about it, that scenario seems much more likely then the idea that I am eating exactly 2000 calories. Maybe I’m taking in 2600 right now and don’t even know it. Maybe when I thought I was taking in 2600 I was really taking in 3000+.

This line of thinking is making me feel better about gradually dropping my calories. It also makes my calorie number and my lack of hunger make a lot more sense.


2 responses to “The problem with counting calories

  1. I have always stuggled to count calories. I joined a weight loss support group and was introduced to nutrition scales to weight portions for accurate results. I don’t use it all the time , but I do use it to educate myself about foods I am not sure of. A colorie book or the internet just don’t cut it, you could be off 200 calories in just one food you eat. Salter and EatSmart Nutritional scales were the ones people were happy with in my group.

  2. Hi Kirk, congrats on losing 96 pounds so far, that’s pretty awesome. 🙂

    For me, I can’t stand the thought of counting calories, it feels too much like a diet. I do use portion control and follow a healthy weight loss plan that lays out for me how much to eat and when, and I weigh and measure my food, just never count calories.

    Keep up the great progress, I bet you’re feeling so much better with the 96 pounds off.

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