NROL, Strength III, workout 3D

Going to the gym feels like I’m running out to the salt mines. I’m not looking forward to it as much as I used to. Finishing this lift was huge because that means I only have to go around the horn one more time and I’m done with the entire strength phase. I’m going to enjoy my week off from heavy lifting and heavy running that’s coming soon. I’ll still go to the gym 6 days a week but I’ll probably just mess around. I’ll probably play basketball some days. Or something else. Whatever’s interesting.

Today was pull up day and I’m still horrible at it. I keep hoping that I’ll make progress but I never do. One day I’m going to do a real live pull up. One day I’m going to do MULTIPLE pull ups. That day seems really far away at the moment. Nevertheless, it’s coming and it will be awesome.

Here are today’s stats.

Close grip pull up – 3x(-)105, 2x(-)90, 1x(-)75, 3x(-)90, Fx(-)75, 1x(-)90

(Yet again I tried to decrease the weight stack on the second go round and I couldn’t do it. A little bit depressing here. At least I was able to get that last rep in this time. One positive is that I feel my form is getting better. I started thinking about pulling my elbows down instead of pulling my body up. It made my movement much more smooth. I need to think more about my back and shoulder blades in the future.)

Barbell shoulder press – 4×120, 4×120, 8×105

(This was the only lift where I added weight. That’s still progress. All these lifts were really tough. I looked through some old entries in my notebook and saw that I was push pressing 115 only two months ago. That made me feel a lot better.)

Cable seated row – 4×195, 4×195, 8×180

(Same weights because I can’t go up by 15 pounds yet. Maybe I can take a shot at 210 on my last lift.)

Reverse woodchop – 8×100, 8×100, 8×100

(I’m a lot smoother with my right arm then my left on this movement. It’s still really strange and uncomforable for both though. I enjoy the regular woodchopper but the reverse one is no fun. Probably because it’s harder. It definitely does the trick though because I’m sweating and out of breath after every set.)


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