NROL, Strength III, workout 4B


OK, I got that out of the way. I’ve been acting like a little bitch lately. This is starting to look like an emo weightlifting blog. I’m not trying to start anything like that. I still feel like crap but I’m gonna try to put on a happy face so people who read this blog don’t think I’m gonna jump off a bridge or something.  

Today was bench day. On a positive note it was my last bench day for a few weeks.

Here are today’s stats.

Barbell bench press – 3×190, 2×195, 1×200, 3×190, 1×195, 1×195

(I couldn’t get it done on the fifth set. I got the first rep OK but I was feeling really shaky. I had to fight for the fourth set with all I had so I wasn’t taking any chances. I didn’t attempt the second rep and I stayed with the same weight for the final set. On any other lift I would call myself out on wussing out toward the end. Here, though, well… know. Don’t want to crush myself so it’s better to be safe then sorry. Live to fight another day. I’m sure there’s another cliche on this somewhere but I can’t think of it right now.)

Barbell bent over row – 4×135, 4×135, 8×95

(Now that I’m done with this lift for a while it’s time to be honest. 135 is too much weight. My back hurt when I did it and consequently my form SUCKED. It’s such a waste. I really need to get it through my head that it doesn’t matter how much you lift. It matters that you lift the weight you do have correctly. I probably accomplished nothing on those first two sets. The last set allowed me to straighten my back out so no pain and a much better lift.)

Barbell push press – 4×135, 4×135, 8×95

(Same weights as last time.)

Woodchop – 8×130, 8×140, 8×150

(In NROL one of Lou’s rules is that you have to increase weight on something every day. I’ve tried my best to do that ever since I started. Today I increased here. I increased quite a bit actually. I found a new handle that makes the movement a lot smoother. On the first set I was jerking the stack up so I knew it was too low. Probably could have done 160. The stack only goes up to 200. It would be cool to max out on something at the gym. Guess that will have to wait for some other day.)


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