NROL, Strength III, workout 4D

Just finished the final workout of the strength phase of NROL! I’m extremely happy to be done. I don’t know when I’m going back to lifting or what program I’ll be starting on. I’m definitely taking at least a week off, probably two.

Today I basically used the exact same weight as last time with the exception of the pull ups. In that lift I actually completed all the sets and reps for the first time. 

Here are today’s stats.

Close grip pull up – 3x(-)105, 2x(-)90, 1x(-)75, 3x(-)105, 2x(-)90, 1x(-)75

Barbell shoulder press – 4×120, 4×120, 8×105

Cable seated row – 4×195, 4×195, 8×180

Reverse woodchop – 8×100, 8×100, 8×100


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