The rest is helping me physically

When you commit to lifting and running for any amount of time you’re going to experience a lot of aches and pains. There’s also gonna be the inevitable bumps and bruises. It’s driving me crazy, but I have to admit that this break from the gym is doing wonders for me physically.

Over the past few months I was dealing with a lot of problems. There was the back pain I felt whenever I got out of bed in the morning. With the deadlifts, I kept scraping my shins and leaving a bruise only to rescrape them and rebruise them as they healed. My shoulder was really sore from overhead pressing and bench pressing. My ankles hurt from a lot of things but mainly running and squatting.

It only took a few days off for my body to stop hurting. Even so, I still find myself moving very gingerly in the mornings. Must be some coping mechanism my body developed in response to all the pain. I’m so tired when I wake up that I don’t even think about it. My morning routine was that ingrained in me over only a few months. Eventually I should be back to normal and stop with the old man walk. That will probably be right around the time that I get back to the gym and start the grind all over again.


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