Light cardio

I finally got back on the horse today.

My hip has healed as good as it’s going to I guess. The doc said I was OK to start running again. I think technically I was cleared to go on Tuesday but I was too tired from work. Today I got home at 8:30 which left me 30 minutes to get a quick bite to eat, change into my gym clothes and walk to the gym.

It’s been a long time since I was at my gym and the folks who work there all gave me funny looks. I had been going six days a week for literally months and then I stopped. Guess they figured I’d quit. Other then employees, I didn’t recognize a single person there. It was like a whole new shift took over in the two weeks I was gone.

I decided to do some jogging. Nothing too serious. I just figured I’d go as long as I could. It turned out that I was only able to go about 15 minutes. I was hoping for 30 but this will have to do. Started feeling some pain in my left knee and also in the right side of my chest so I shut it down. No use banging myself up on day 1.

I’m going to see the cardiologist next week so I don’t plan on doing anything major this week. I’m also going to go back under the knife a few days later. I don’t know when I’ll get back to full time. It will probably be late March/early April before I lift again. Until then, I’m probably going to stick to jogging. Hopefully I can build up to 30 minutes.

Even though I didn’t accomplish much it felt good to be back at the gym. It was WAY too easy to convince myself to skip yesterday. I’m going to have a big time crunch for the forseeable future but I’ll find a way to fit in at least two more runs this week.


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