Approaching an all time low

I flew through the 240’s extremely quickly. Well quickly for me, anyway. I went from 249 to 240 in less then a month. Unfortunately, I’ve been weighing in at 240 for the last five days. My body is stubbornly refusing to let me pass on to the 230’s.

It’s gonna be pretty big when I finally get there because 235 is my all time adult low. I’m gonna say it is, at least. I remember weighing 235 at the start of my senior year of high school. I remember that because I managed to lose 15 pounds over the summer in order to earn my place on the football team. The coach said I had to so I did it. My 18th birthday didn’t roll around until after the season so I imagine I might have been around 240. Who knows.

The point is that I’m really looking forward to hitting 234. That would be a huge milestone for me.


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