After watching a bunch of episodes of X-weighted on the Discovery Health channel the wife and I decided to take out the tape measure and take our measurements. As for her measurements, I’m sworn to secrecy under penalty of death. I promised to take my knowledge of those numbers to my grave and I will.

As for my numbers, well, I’m a little bummed out. They are depressingly similar to what they were the last time I checked a little less then a year ago. This is weird. I’ve always heard that you’re not supposed to pay attention to the scale but instead to the tape measure. Somethings up. I’m 30 pounds lighter. I think it’s undeniable that I look 100% better today then I did a year ago with these same measurements! Do I have some kind of reverse body dismorphia? Am I fatter then I think I am?

Last time I took these measurements by myself. Maybe I pulled a little too tight for the best results. My wife took them this time so maybe she wasn’t as generous.

Whatever. Here they are.

Chest – 46 inches

Stomach (around belly button) – 42 inches

Waist – 39 inches


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