Back to the gym on Monday

I’m more then a little nervous about going back to the gym on Monday.

Technically, I think I’m clear to go back today. It’s been a week since I had my stitches out so I’m good to go. I just feel like I want to start at the beginning of the week.

It will have been almost a whole month since I’ll have lifted weights. How much has my strength deteriorated? Will I be back at square one? I don’t know but I’m worried.

I’ve done a lot of thought about what I’m going to do and I’ve decided to go back to Fat Loss. I haven’t done Hypertrophy yet but I just feel like I want to get back to the Fat Loss phases now. I miss the feeling of being dripping in sweat. When I did the Strength phase I didn’t get that because I always got hurt. If you’re not lifting maximal weight then you’re not going to get the full effect. Now that I’m going back to the high reps I’m sure to get it. Maybe this will be the thing that cranks my fat loss into high gear.

After I do these three phases over again I intend to do Hypertrophy.

As for cardio I’m not sure. I want to do one hour runner. The walks I have been taking seem to be really effective, though. Also, my wife always goes with me on those. She’s not as enthusiastic about hitting the treadmill. She tends to find reasons to skip out on those days. If I was by myself I would do the running but I’m not so I need to think about what’s best for both of us. Maybe I should do both? I could theoretically run in the morning and then take the walk with her at night. That seems like a lot, though, and I’m not sure I could stick to that plan.

I’ll do the walking thing for a while and see if I can find the strength to do the run on my own time.


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