Running outside

I’ve discovered an incredibly long running/biking trail recently. In the past I would walk from my apartment to the Potomac River. I didn’t know that there was any more until one day last week I started wandering around and walked around a big building and saw a huge park. I walked through it, along the river, for hours. Apparently, it’s not a big secret because there are runners and bikers all over the place. Over the last week I’ve been slowly walking farther and farther. Today I decided to see if I could run it.

I haven’t had too much luck with actual running outside in the past. I think my problem is that I tend to run too fast. I get tired quickly and get discouraged. That pretty much happened today. I started out fast and got tired. I then started walking to catch my breath then started running again. I did this for about 30 minutes until I saw an army guy ahead of me doing a real jog. He was going much slower and it hit me. Slow the hell down!

So I did and things worked out. I turned around on the trail and managed to jog all the way back. It was actually kind of nice. It was probably 15-20 minutes of jogging but it was outside! The view was incredible. I love it out there. I’d like to incorporate runs out there into my fitness routine in the future.


One response to “Running outside

  1. Yep It sound like you just have to do it more to find to be comfortable with your new surrounding (outside).

    Running is much like all the other activities that we take on the more we do it the more comfortable we are with it.

    We find our stride our pace and what works for us.

    Have FUN!

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