My doctor’s cardio advice

Just got back from the cardiologist to hear the results from all my tests.

He says that I’m fit. No problems that he can see. He sent me to do a chest X-ray and that was about it. I’ll see him again in a month.

After that was over he gave me a little mini lesson on how to lose weight. He basically told me that sprinting wasn’t the best way to lose weight. He vaguely talked about “studies” and left it at that. He suggested that I start jogging and be willing to sacrifice speed for stamina. I told him I was doing just that with one hour runner and he basically patted me on the head. I told him I wanted to run for an hour and he said that 40 minutes should be enough. Once I can run 40 minutes he said I should concentrate on increasing my speed at that point.

He also said something to the effect that there was a slight difference in jogging early in the morning before breakfast because you lose a little more fat. It’s not much of a difference, he says, but over time the impact could be big.

The weight loss talk was basically all FYI and I appreciated him taking the time to tell me what he thinks. I suppose I’m going to take his advice somewhat. Sprinting is definitely out for the near future because those chest pains are still worrisome. I’m still going to try to run 60 minutes, though, because I want to run for 60 minutes. After it’s over I might go back and try 40 minute runs for a while and see how that goes. As for running before breakfast …  there is no chance in hell of that ever happening. If I wait even thirty minutes after I wake up to eat I start feeling nauseous.


3 responses to “My doctor’s cardio advice

  1. Great info! Once you set an achievable goal and do it, the cycle continues towards your very own success story!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    It is motivating me to get off my butt more often.

    ALL diets require more than just eating the right food, or taking the right pill. I had to boil it down to 7 habits for myself, and thought others could benefit from the things that I found in my weight loss journey.

  3. Hi Kirk,

    I agree with your doctor that exercising before breakfast makes a difference. Probably a bigger difference than he might realize.

    Your body retrieves fuel according to this sequence of priority:

    1. Glycogen
    2. Food in the stomach
    3. Body fat

    Upon waking up, your glycogen reserves are just about empty. Of course your stomach is also empty.

    There is no choice but to burn body fat when exercising.

    If you eat first, then exercise will just burn off the food that you eat…requiring more exercise before you get to the body fat.

    (Glycogen capacity is about 30 min worth of exercsie.)

    To avoid nausea, drink 1-2 glasses of water upon waking up. Water will facilitate your metabolism, and also provide you with just enough energy to get you going with your exercise.

    Great job documenting your progress! Its inspiring.

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