NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 2A

There was a time last week when I seriously considered quitting the gym. I was hurting from my two lifting days and I wanted it to stop. I kept telling myself that I was going to concentrate on running since I love it so much now.

That was garbage and I finally snapped out of it. I’m still excited about my new running plan but it’s new and I know it will get old soon. I’ll hate it and have nothing to fall back on. Besides, why would I stop lifting now when that’s what got me here in the first place? I’m almost where I want to be!

I don’t know what got into me.

Today’s lift went OK. I sweated a lot and my muscles are burning. I’m hoping the next few days aren’t too rediculously painful. I’ll definitely be smart this time and hold off the next lift to Thursday or even Friday if I have to.

Here are the numbers. 

Squat – 15×115, 15×115, no lift

(Squatting 95 pounds last week was stupid. I immediately added ten pounds to each side of the bar today and convinced myself that I could do it. The first set was tough but I got through it OK. During the second set I kept thinking that I wanted to quit. I was more than a little pissed off at myself for having these feelings. Finally, I kept telling myself to just do one more. Eventually I got them all. On the last lift I felt my back hurting on the descent of the first rep so I racked it.

That’s my new philosophy. If it hurts, stop doing it. I expect my MENSA card should be in the mail any day now.)

Cable seated row – 15×120, 15×120, 15×120

(My back and forearms are on fire right now so I assume these did the job. Tough.)

Supine hip extension – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(I expect to have buns of steel one day from doing these things. It’s a little embarrassing how much I have to strain to do them. All I’m doing is lifting my butt off the ground!.)

Dumbbell push press – 15×30, 15×30, 15×30

(Stuck with the 30’s because I was pretty tired at this point.) 

Rotational lunge – 15×15, 15×15, 15×15

(The fact that I finished that last set is a minor miracle. It’s a testament to how stubborn I can be when I want to. I wanted to quit so bad but I didn’t. These things are a thousand times harder when you actually bring your back knee to the ground. I remember thinking about the first day I did lunges almost two years ago. Those were half lunges compared to what I do now. I couldn’t do 8 in a row. I felt like I was going to faint after 4 or 5. I’ve come a long way.)

Swiss ball crunch – 15xBW, 15xBW, 15xBW

(I’m still puzzled as to why these are so difficult. I can only assume that I’m using my abs on some other excercise. I know I used them on squats but what else? The lunges? I’m sure I also use them on the hip extensions, too. For whatever reason, I just hit a wall during every set and I have to fight to finish.)


One response to “NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 2A

  1. I’m glad you didn’t ditch the gym! Resistance training is key to fat loss. As for the Swiss ball crunch, those are hard because you are using your core in a bigger range of motion than you do with other core exercises. Because you are able to go back farther on the ball, your abs have to do more work and therefore get fatigued easier.

    Keep up the great work!

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