Waist to hip ratio

Interesting article at Men’s Health about waist to hip ratio.

I’m always on the look out for things like this so I can measure progress somewhere other then the scale. The gist of the article is that you measure your stomach at the belly button and divide that number by the size of your hips.

0.92 or lower is ideal.

My waist at the belly button is 42 inches. My hips are 42 inches. After a lot of complicated math that I won’t bore you with, I figured out that my ratio is 1. If I lost 4 inches on my stomach I’d be able to hit that ideal mark.


One response to “Waist to hip ratio

  1. Wow. What an inspiration. I see that you’ve lost quite a bit of weight. I’m just getting started on my weight loss. My goal is 70 pounds. I agree that measuring things other than on a scale is very important–especially if you are exercising and adding muscle. The great thing is that muscle burns more calories than fat, the bad thing is that it weighs more and so can seem disappointing to step on the scale and see a higher number when you’ve worked so hard. The reality is that you have done yourself a great favor by adding muscle and it will begin to tell eventually. Usually in changed inches rather than in pounds right off. Thanks for this reminder to rely on other factors besides the scale. Here’s to your success! Cindy

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