Notes from the scale

I’m going to do a weigh in post tomorrow but I wanted to make a few notes on the scale.

Three times in the last week I’ve weighed in at 234. All those times have been after a run, though, so I’m not going to count them. The 235 was the same way. Not a “real” weight. I’m determined to count my morning weigh in only. No matter what.

Every morning I’ve weighed either 236 or 237. A couple of times I’ve weighed 236 exactly. Only 0.2 over my low. I guess that’s why this current dry spell isn’t as frustrating as other times. I’m close to dropping every single day.

I’m extremely anxious to get down to 229. I’ve always felt that the 220’s were a “decent” weight for my height. When I hear a guy is 6’4 and 220 I think he’s in pretty good shape. It’s mental really. Just a number but a big one in my mind.

Until then I’ll just keep plugging along. Hopefully I can get there in a month or so.


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