NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 4A

A week off from lifting probably did me some good. My left shoulder is still aching for some reason but it didn’t affect my squats today.

Here are the numbers.

Squat – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

( My form was not up to my standards today. Midway through the second set I thought my form was acceptable. Every other rep wasn’t good enough. Even so, I’m proud to have finished these because my back was aching throughout. I thought seriously about bailing on the last set but managed to do it anyway.

Pain isn’t a problem, really. It’s the fear of the pain that usually gets me. When I feel a tweak in my back, the thought of hurting it is all I can think of when I drop. I need to get over this if I’m ever going to progress.)

Cable seated row – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

(Nothing to report.)

Supine hip extension – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(These got pretty tough today. Back issues hampered me a little but nothing I couldn’t stand.)

Dumbbell push press – 12×35, 12×40, 12×40

(Progress! I added weight here to make this lift an actual success.)

Rotational lunge – 12×20, 12×20, 12×20

(Tough! I still haven’t found a way to do all the reps consecutively. I had to stand for a few seconds every once in a while. Whenever I did as many as six in a row my muscles started aching like mad.)

Swiss ball crunch – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(Tough. I’m getting a huge range of motion so I guess that’s why.)


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