Failed lift

My legs have been sore all day from Monday’s lift but that didn’t really concern me since I’m always sore these days. I went to the gym anyway. I did one set of deadlifts and I couldn’t even walk normally afterwards. Tried to bend down for a second set and it hurt too much. Enough was enough so I left the gym.

It took me 10 minutes to unload the weight. The walk home hurt like hell. I was pitiful.

One positive – my back feels great. Now that my quads are hurting so much I’m starting to think that I finally understand correct squat/deadlift form.

I didn’t pull anything in my leg. I’m just really, really sore right now. I’m gonna stick to two lifts a week for a while and see how that goes. Maybe Tuesday and Friday. Every other day is not working. I’ll probably do this lift on Friday and then start my new schedule on Tuesday.


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