NROL, Fat Loss I, workout 4B

MUCH better lift today. I wasn’t really sore at all so that helps. Today I took care of my back but found out that I might be a little asymmetrical.

Here are the numbers.

Deadlift – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

( I knew from the first few reps that this was going to be a good day. No problems using my legs to get down to the bar. I got to see the veins in my forearms again after doing these so that was sweet. In addition I think I noticed an actual back muscle for the first time today. I notice new muscles all the time now but that one was especially cool. It’s in the middle of my back and it sticks out pretty far when I flex it. Maybe I’ll get the same deal with my lower back one day. I need all the protection I can get.)

Dumbbell incline bench press – 12×50, 8×45, 12×45

(Bit off more then I could chew here. The 50’s felt incredibly heavy on the first set. I failed on the second set. Pushing the 45’s on the last set for all the reps took everything I had.)

Bulgarian split squat – 12xBW, 12xBW, 12xBW

(Here’s where I learned about the asymmetrical thing. I noticed today that I can balance myself pretty easily on my left leg. I can’t do that with my right leg. I couldn’t do a single set on my right leg with my back leg on the bench the entire time. I had to take it off to catch myself every once in a while.

You might wonder why I’m just noticing this. Today was probably the first day that I actually treated these like squats with proper squat form instead of just randomly dropping my back leg. Amazingly, I was able to drop my back knee virtually to the ground when I did this. My form was awesome if I don’t say so myself. Maybe I’ll be able to graduate soon to the body bar that the girls use in their aerobics class. I think I’m going to try bodyweight at least one more time, though, just to make sure that my form is good.)

Mixed grip lat pulldown – 12×135, 12×135, 12×135

(For some reason I’m stronger when my left hand is in the chin up position then the other way around. I had no troubles with the former and had to fight hard in the latter.)

Romanian deadlift – 12×65, 12×65, 12×65

(My form is getting better. It’s hard to concentrate on form when the weight is so low but I need to do this. I’ve got to work on my breathing here. I think I’ve got it down. I take a deep breath before I go down and then I let air out when I come back up. Also need to keep concentrating on bracing my abs. When I do those things properly my back doesn’t hurt. When I forget them – well, pain city.)

Swiss ball lateral roll – 12×15, 12×15, 12×15

(Still stupid. I don’t want to do them. They don’t hurt so I’m probably doing them wrong.)


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