One Hour Runner, week 6, day 1

30 minutes.

My second half was three minutes faster then normal. I know this because I got to the spot where I usually end after only 27 minutes. Not too big a deal. I wasn’t that tired.

Last weekend I went to a sporting goods store and bought a bunch of running clothes. My new shorts and t-shirts are supposed to “wick” – whatever that means. Today I tried them out. Gotta say that the fit is a lot better then my regular white tee. It’s a lot tighter.

After my run my shirt was drenched in the same spots as usual. After 30 minutes it was dry as ever. Technology is crazy isn’t it?

I’m gonna keep wearing them on all my runs. I’m far from getting to the point, though, where I use them at the gym. While I like my shirts tight around the middle on my run I don’t like them that way when I put my hands over my head. It rides up and exposes my stomach. The people at the gym will have to wait a while (read: years) before they get that view. My white tee’s are insanely long so I’m gonna keep using them during my lifts despite how unfashionable they are.


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