My first yoga class

I just got back from my first ever yoga class.

I’ve been meaning to try yoga for over a year now but I just never found the time. Now that I’m taking a week off from lifting I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. I’m happy to say that I survived.

I got to the gym about 10 minutes early and noticed another class in the room. I figured I’d practice my pull ups since I’m starting next week. The overhand ones were horrible. I tried a few sets with the hammer grip and it was a lot easier. Something to think about – but I’m digressing.

I finally saw a group of scantily clad women congregating in front of the door and figured they must be there for class. I went over and started talking to a couple of the girls. Told them it was my first time and they were very supportive. They introduced me to the teacher and encouraged me to come back next time.

It was a pretty nice group. A couple of older women, a couple of younger women and even two other guys. No one was too intimidating. No super hotties (except for the teacher – of course) and no super freaky flexible people. Everyone seemed to be nice and normal. It was a good environment and I felt at ease immediately.

The actual class was pretty tough. Any illusions I had of someday doing yoga and then doing my lifts afterwards were quickly set aside. Halfway through I was drenched in sweat. I’m pretty sore right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m super sore tomorrow.

My performance wasn’t too bad. I’d give myself an average grade on flexibility. My stability, on the other hand, is below average. I was able to get into every pose the teacher led us through. Holding that pose was the problem.

I found a couple of moves that I think would really help my lifting. There is one called a chair pose that is basically holding a squat position halfway down. I did pretty good with that one. Didn’t have any issues keeping my chest up or my back locked. There were others that I don’t remember but also involved locking your lower back and lifting your chest. I remember thinking that those were pretty good. There were also movements that stretched the hip flexors and hamstrings. I have a lot of room to grow there. I have no doubt that those would improve my squat form.

The entire experience was interesting. I’ll definitely do it again. Don’t know if I can incorporate it regularly into my routine though. I’d still like to go back if for nothing else then to just improve on my weak points. A lot of things were very challenging and I like that.

P.S. As I write this I just saw the Joe Torre State Farm commercial. The part where he’s doing yoga – yeah, that was me at times today. I’ve seen it before but that commercial just got a whole lot funnier.


One response to “My first yoga class

  1. Hey congrats. Definitely go back and check it out. I dislike being the only dude in the class but heck I’ll do it. It’d be good if more men participate.

    Oh, congratulations on those 115 lbs! Wow!

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