One Hour Runner, week 8, day 1

30 minutes.

It rained today and afterwards it was cold and windy. Normally this is a bad thing but it has it’s advantages. The busloads of tourists who are always in my way thin out when the weather’s not so nice. Also the bugs aren’t out as bad so I don’t end up swallowing as many. All that doesn’t even take into account the best part – lowering my temperature. Definitely enjoy that.

Despite all the advantages today was still a crappy run. All day my hips have been sore but pain free. After I started running, the soreness went away but the pain came back. I’m happy to say that after about 10 minutes it got a lot better. By the time I finished there were no problems.

As for the rest of the run it just sucked. Everytime a stiff breeze hit or I had to dodge another puddle it was not fun.

I’ve come to the conclusion that 99% of the time I’m not going to be happy with the weather. I’ve also come to the conclusion that my first run of the week is just going to be bad.

Whaaaaa, whaaaa, whaaaaa. Whatever. I’m glad I did it and I’ll stop crying now.


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