Power yoga

More yoga today. I think there is a rule that yoga instructors have to be hotter then all hell. That’s the rule in my gym anyway. They’re batting 2 for 2.

I spent all day finally paying the price for Monday’s session. I’m not really sure what type of yoga that was. All I know is that I was really sore today. Especially in my obliques. That’s an odd feeling. You don’t get sore there too often. I don’t anyway. Maybe if you do a ton of ab exercises you would.

Today was power yoga. We used little dumbbells. The boys used 5 pounders and the girls used 3 pounders. For some reason there was an entirely different group of people today. Basically the same type as before though. One girl looked like she knew what she was doing and the rest were average.

It was only 45 minutes but it was still tough as hell. By the time we finished I was wiped out. I’m more sore now in my arms then I can ever remember being.

We did a lot of movements with out hands over our heads holding the weights. Then we did push up type stuff and holding pushups inches from the ground. Then we had to go to that damn down dog position to finish it off. I didn’t have as many stability problems this time because we weren’t required to do those types of moves as much. I think I held my own today.

Our teacher was a freaking machine. We were all dying toward the end but she just kept on going. Of course she gave us options to make things easier but I couldn’t do that because I’m so tough and all. I’m hurting now and I KNOW It’s gonna be worse in the near future.

No more yoga this week. Maybe none for a long time. The wife wants us to do these classes together but there’s no way I can do this and lift in the same night. They offer lunch time classes so we might look into those. I’d have to be pretty hardcore to consider that though. We’ll see.

If I don’t do yoga again for a while at least I can say I tried. I walk away with a much greater respect for it. Yoga is no joke. You have to be really strong to do things right.


2 responses to “Power yoga

  1. hahahah…I know what you mean…that’s exactly what i felt when I started practicing yoga. I knew what ‘ felt like i was on fire’ meant… :)..Started it as a method for toning my body and more flexibility at Zendle ( http://www.zendle.com ). It has done that and more. On a long term basis, it leaves you more energetic and positive and more calm. honest!…maybe you can give yoga another shot. If not at the class, then maybe at the comfort of your home. It’s good.

  2. Pff yoga :p

    I just do overhead squats and skin the cats for flexibility.

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