Starting Strength, workout 1A

What the hell have I been doing for the past two years?

I’m as weak as ever. A 240 pound guy who’s never been inside a gym in his life could have come in today and out lifted me. Dear God this is depressing.

It’s a start, though. You gotta start somewhere. A journey of a thousand miles … single step. Whatever. You get the picture.

Squat – 155×5. 155×5. 155×5

I did warmups with 45, 95 and 135 with the intention of doing 185 here. I put it on my back and went down only to feel back pain immediately. I racked it and dropped the weight down to 155. The first two sets were pain free but I had to grit my teeth through the last set. I don’t know if it’s a different kind of back pain or if I’m just used to it by now. It didn’t stop me from doing the set so I did it.

I’m not happy with this one so I’m gonna stay at the same weight next time. My depth sucked and the back pain is only going to get worse if I add weight. Something is not right and I’ve got to figure out what it is. My number one rule is no increasing weight until I get it right at the current weight. I desperately want to go up but I’ve got to be patient. The bigger weight will come. I’ve just got to keep telling myself that.

Bench – 135×5, 135×5, 135×5

Here I had ideas of starting with 160 or so but I figured it would be stupid to try to bench more then I could squat. I’m embarrassed to say that 135 gave me all the challenge I wanted. I can go up and I will next time but this was not a good sign.

Deadlift – 185×5

I’m glad that the plan only calls for one set of deadlifts. That gives me the chance to go all out. I wanted to do 185 and I did it! I’m thrilled with my form. Zero back pain throughout the set.

There’s a mirror to my left when I do these. It’s great for checking my back when I’m in the starting position. Sometimes I start out with a rounded back. The mirror allows me to make sure it’s straight. Then I can turn my head around and get to work.

Gotta say that it took max effort do these but it felt good. I’m a little worried about going up but I will. Couldn’t have done these any better.


2 responses to “Starting Strength, workout 1A

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  2. You might want to think about more warm up sets before you do the work sets on the squat. I normally do 4 or 5 warm up sets before the work ones.

    Squatting 205 for a 1RM at 136lbs

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