One Hour Runner, week 9, day 3

54 minutes.

No problems. I felt more tired in the two runs earlier this week. I honestly could have run another 6 minutes without any trouble. Legs felt good. Wind was great.

I went a little slower then normal today. I timed my last three miles at 11 minutes each. Not too happy with that but I kept telling myself to slow it down because of the length of time I was going to run. If I would have known I could handle it I would have sped up.

The humidity was ridiculous. It rained pretty hard earlier so I should consider myself lucky that I was able to get this run in. When I finished my shirt looked like I had been out in the rain. I was drenched. Got so bad that it was sticking to me. As a result my nipples were rubbed raw. I’ve got to figure out some solution to that problem. This is not a good feeling.


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