Starting Strength, workout 2B

Back issues slowed me down yet again. I really can’t figure this out. The only times I ever feel back pain are during squats and sometimes if I wake up without getting too much sleep. Both times it is temporary. On squats it goes away as soon as I rack the bar.

I can deadlift and power clean without any issues whatsoever. That just makes no sense.

Squat – 165×5, 165×5, 165×5

Absolute garbage. Every set was exactly the same. The first three reps were a freaking joke. The first rep was not even a quarter squat. I would go down, feel back pain and stop. I couldn’t make myself keep going lower. I was able to go down progressively lower on each try until lifts four and five were decent.

It’s hard to explain really. I get pretty good depth on all my warm ups all the way up to 135. Once I put the work set on I feel the pain and do things half assed.

Very frustrating. I probably shouldn’t have went up here since my last session wasn’t exactly golden. I’m gonna stay at 165 until I can get these right.

Press – 100×5, 100×5, 100×5

I’m at a point here were I have to struggle a little but I know I’m not near my max. Trying to go slow and steady. Don’t want to get stupid and stall. I’ll probably be able to add weight for a while.

Power Clean – 85×5, 85×5, 85×5

Added 20 pounds since the first day of these was so easy. Bar speed was noticeably slower but I don’t think I’m near my max. I really want to move past those bumper plates and get to at least 135 sometime soon. Can’t be stupid, though. Gonna go up by 5 pound increments from here on out.

I kept banging the weight up against my quads like your supposed to. At least I think you’re supposed to. I know your supposed to touch them. I hit them pretty hard a couple of times. Got a big bump on my left leg now. Hope that goes away sometime soon. The funny thing is that I kept banging the weight pretty hard on my chest/traps-whatever at the top. Not feeling anything there at the moment. I was worried about that. I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow.


One response to “Starting Strength, workout 2B

  1. Good job! I’ve done SS myself but I am bulking up and trying to stop being a skinny bastard. It’s cool how the same program can do different things – barbells are useful that way.

    I don’t know about the back pain, having never had any from lifting but perhaps you could ask on the strengthmill site.

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