One Hour Runner, week 10, day 1

30 minutes.

Minor miracle that I got this done today.

After being held back for two straight days because of rain you would think I would be chomping at the bit to run today. You’d be wrong.

Work totally screwed me up. First I had to get up earlier then usual this morning. Then I had to sit through a boring meeting after lunch. They had a ton of snacks in the room. We had cheesecakes, cookies, chocolates and other things. I don’t normally eat that stuff anymore but, along with a ton of coffee, it got me through a long afternoon. By the time I got home I bottomed out of my sugar rush and felt like I was going to pass out.

I walked to the trail in a daze, yawning the whole way. When I got there I just started running without really thinking about it. Maybe that helped me. It wasn’t as tough as it usually is. Maybe I was numb to the whole thing. I don’t know.

I’m not as tired any more. I guess running will wake you up. Don’t want to have too many more days like this. I’d like to look forward to my runs in the future.


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