Shopping with normal people

It’s still weird to go shopping in normal person stores. I haven’t set foot in a “Big and Tall” store in over a year. I still get junk mail from those places occasionally but I guess they didn’t get the memo. It’s kind of funny but also kind of sad. It’s a reminder that I used to be really, really, really fat. Now I’m just regular fat.

People always talk about holding off on buying new stuff until you reach the size you want to be but that doesn’t work for me. There comes a point where you just look ridiculous. When your shirt’s too big you look fatter then you are. Not acceptable.

Polo’s came a few weeks ago. Today I went and bought the button downs. I’m down to a 17 inch neck, size XL now. The crazy thing is that this was the size I saw most often. I literally had my pick of any shirt I wanted. It’s like I’m an average sized guy or something.


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