One Hour Runner, week 10, day 2

40 minutes.

It’s good to have goals because they help push me to get better.

Work has been making working out very difficult recently. I come home and I’m just exhausted. I got home yesterday and went straight to bed. I probably would have skipped today but I’ve got that 10K coming up this Saturday. I’ve got to get these last two runs in before then.

It’s been 100 degrees around here this week so the thought of running hasn’t been too appealing lately. Today I decided that come hell or high water I was going to run. Wouldn’t you know it? A huge storm came through tonight. When I learned that it was coming I braced myself for either 100 degree heat or pouring rain. I was going to run the damn run!

As it turned out I ended up running through a mist. This was the best possible situation. It cooled everything down and made the run quite enjoyable. Lightening struck every few minutes and steam from the pavement kept hitting me in the face the entire time but other then that it felt like a nice cool day.

No problems with my wind but my legs were spent. I hate this. I wish my legs would catch up to the rest of my body. In my mind I can run forever but my legs just start feeling like they weigh a ton.

One more run. The big one. I need to do it either tomorrow or Thursday. Again, come hell or high water it’s gonna be done. I’m going to be a one hour runner. Then I can go run for an hour on Saturday.


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