My first 10K

My first ever 10K race is officially in the books.

I ended up running 63:32. That averages out to a little over 10 minutes a mile. Not too bad. It’s a little depressing in comparison to all the other runners, though. I finished something like 1300 out 1600 men. You gotta start somewhere I guess.

This race had a different starting set up. Everyone who planned on running sub 9 minute miles went in the first wave. Everyone, like me, who planned on running over 9 minute miles went in the second wave. The people who wanted to walk/run went last. It was cool because we all had chips tied to our shoes to get our times so it didn’t matter when we started. The clocks showed the gun time, though, so I couldn’t really measure my pace at the mile markers without some math.

The clocks and mile markers were on the ground, as opposed to up in the air during the 5K, so I actually missed most of them. I didn’t really care to be honest. 10 kilometers is a LONG distance to run. My only real goal was to run the whole way and I accomplished that. If I had paid attention I might have found a way to go a little faster here and there but not too much. I’m still not sure how to run that distance as fast as I can without fading at the end.

This race wasn’t like the 5K at all. I guess 10K’s draw much better runners. From the start I noticed the difference. I barely passed anybody. It seemed like we were all moving as one. Every once in a while somebody would slow down and I’d have to go around them but for the most part we all seemed to be at the same pace.

I didn’t really get tired until the 40 minute mark. After a few minutes I caught a second wind and felt good until the 50 minute mark. I hit another wall and had to grind out a few more minutes. About three minutes before I finished I took an awkward step and felt a little twinge in my back. That stretch was all downhill so it was made that much tougher. I had to slow down but I kept running. Everyone was flying past me during the home stretch but I kept it together and felt relatively good at the finish.

This was another great experience. I definitely plan on running another 10K. Now that I know I can do it my next goal is to run one in under an hour. That is totally doable. I really only need to knock 15 to 20 seconds off each mile. It will probably have to wait until next year unless I can sneak one in during my marathon training. Nevertheless, it will happen eventually. That will be cool.


One response to “My first 10K

  1. Well done! I’ve yet to do a 10K race. It’s 5 weeks to my first one.

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