I’m running a half marathon

Fresh off my recent successes of running a 5K and 10K without dying, I’ve been thinking a lot about running other races.

I’ve already committed to the Marine Corps Marathon in October and that’s going to be the focus of my training for the next 132 days. (Yeah, I’ve got a counter on my desktop – keeps me motivated.) Between now and then I’ve been wanting to do another race to help prepare me for the the MCM. It had to be something bigger then the 10K and I think I’ve found it. I’m gonna run a half marathon at the Baltimore marathon.

The timing is perfect. It’s set two weeks before the MCM. My training schedule has me running 12 miles on that day. Why not run 13.1? I think the biggest advantage is that it will prepare me mentally for 26.2. The jump from 10K to marathon is HUGE. This will be a nice progression for me. I feel like with a half marathon under my belt I’ll be much more confident going in to the big one.


One response to “I’m running a half marathon

  1. congrats on your weight loss. I’m a runner and just created a new site, still working on it, check it out

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