Starting Strength, workout 3A / One hundred pushups, workout 1A

I think I made an ass out of myself at the gym today.

I hadn’t been there in over a week and I was missing the hell out of the place. I missed seeing the same people doing the same lifts every time I go in. I missed watching everyone looking around at everybody else all the while desperately trying to avoid eye contact. I even missed the horrible radio station they always have on. I heard “Nothing’s gonna stop us now” by Starship during my deadlifts today. I officially work out in the gayest gym in Virginia.

I’m digressing.

Anyway, I get there at the usual time and the place is full. Even stranger was seeing every single squat rack occupied. This has literally never happened to me in the entire time I’ve been working out. I had no clue what to do. I stood there for a minute or two and just stared at everybody. After that, I started aimlessly walking around like some lost tourist. What the hell was I supposed to do?

Eventually I decided to make the rounds and actually talk to the five or so people I’ve been seeing around for over a year and a half now. Most of them I’ve never said more then a few words to. It was awkward to say the least. I would talk and listen all the while keeping an eye on the racks. To make matters worse I think I really offended somebody in the process. I was talking to some guy and commenting that I never saw the squat racks full in my life. This isn’t exactly a funny comment but some girl I’ve never seen before starts laughing. I looked at her and then said something about it’s a little late for the New Year’s resolutioners. I didn’t mean anything by it and if anything I was talking about the other people in the racks but I think she thought I meant to direct that at her.

Whatever. I suck. I’m such a social misfit.

When the squat racks finally did open up I managed to completely waste my time. Typical. Oh well. It was still good to be there. I love that place.

Here are the numbers.

Squat – 5×135, no lift, no lift

This is the part where I talk about my bad back. For some reason, even though I haven’t lifted in a while I’ve been having more back pain then usual. I think all that running might have something to do with it. For whatever reason now I have pain whenever I get up after sitting down for a while. With my job that means I have it often. It sucks.

I was feeling relatively good today but I decided to do a ton of warm ups just in case. I did three sets of five with just the bar. Then I did two sets of five with 95 pounds and felt OK. I thought 135 would be another warm up set but when I got back under it for the second time I just couldn’t take it anymore. Finally decided to give it up for today.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I’m going to do. The smart thing to do would be to stop lifting and running for a while. There is no chance in hell of that happening. I think I’m just going to put my ego aside and go WAY back to the drawing board. I can do 95 without pain so I’m going to do 95. Next time I’ll try 100 as a work set. Who knows? Maybe my form will improve and I’ll get better depth on these things. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise.

I’ve got to do something. The thought of not going back to the gym depresses me. I can’t imagine living my life without it.

Push ups – 7,7,5,4,5

This was actually the one bright spot to my day. I managed to do every push up. It was a little spooky because I started feeling the burn on the next to last rep every single time. Your supposed to do your max on that last set with 5 being the minimum. After the fifth rep I had no shot at six. My arms are burning right now.

It felt really good to be able to do these things with proper form. I didn’t cheat on a single one. It wasn’t too long ago I was doing these thing girly style. Considering my total ineptitude at the bench press, this push up challenge might be the one thing I can hang my hat on while I struggle through this horrible phase I’m going through.

Deadlift – 5×135

Figured I’d give the old college try here. I thought 135 would be a warm up set but it ended up hurting more then I was comfortable with so I called it a work set and walked out of the gym in disgust.


2 responses to “Starting Strength, workout 3A / One hundred pushups, workout 1A

  1. Great job on the pushups. 😉

  2. LOL at the comment about the gayest gym in Virginia. Pretty damn funny.

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