Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 2, day 3

33 minutes.

It’s raining on July 4th. What is that about?

So, yeah. I did this run in the rain. Obviously the heat wasn’t a factor. It was actually a little cooler today so that wasn’t a problem to begin with. The trail was pretty empty. I ended up seeing a lot more people, though, because everyone was camping out under their tents waiting for the fireworks.

Other then dealing with the rain there wasn’t much to this run. I just banged out my 33 minutes and walked home. I never felt tired and I never felt winded. I had the same pace as always. Hit my turnaround mark at 20 minutes.

Today I thought about making a goal to hit that point a little earlier. Maybe down the line I’ll pass it at 16 minutes. It’s almost two miles exactly so I would have to run 8 minute miles. That’s pretty reasonable. I could get there eventually.


One response to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 2, day 3

  1. Some of the more experienced runners I read reckon don’t go for pace too early. Rather go for the distance.

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