One hundred pushups 1C(3)

Push ups – 10, 8, 8, 5, 10

I did it!

It took me three weeks but I finally managed to get all of the reps in week 1.

The first four sets were actually pretty easy. It was a little shocking to finish the first 10 and still have some gas in the tank. That was my max when I started this thing. By the time I got to the last set there wasn’t any question that I would get all 10. I thought I might get a lot more. Unfortunately things turned south around rep 6. Those last 4 were a real struggle.

I got them, though. Week 1 is officially over! I’m sure everyone else who’s doing this program is at week 4 by now. Doesn’t matter. I’m more than thrilled to move on to week 2.


3 responses to “One hundred pushups 1C(3)

  1. What to work, keep moving forward.

  2. Well done indeed Kirk!! Good luck with Week 2 🙂


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