Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 2, day 4

77 minutes.

Today’s long run went a lot better then last week. The weather was hot but it was sprinkling during the whole run. That cooled it down a bit.

I drank water this morning like nobody’s business this morning. I remember feeling super dehydrated last week and I wanted to prevent that. Even with all that prep I got a salty, sweaty type taste in my mouth after only 5 minutes of running. It bothered me quite a bit. I’ve decided that I REALLY need a water belt. I’m going to get one tomorrow. I’m not going to run for over an hour without one again.

Other then the hydration issues there wasn’t much to this run. I didn’t even get really tired until an hour passed. The last 10 minutes were a bit of a struggle but I pushed through. I could have gone farther if I had to.

Oh yeah. The band aids worked like a charm.


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