One hundred push ups 2A

Push ups – 9, 8, 6, 4, 10

This one was pretty easy. It calls for 7 fewer push ups then 1C so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I was able to get 10 on the last set when the minimum was only 7.

Things get serious next time. Workout 2B looks awfully tough. I’ll do my best, though. If it takes three weeks to get week 2 done then so be it. At least I now know that I can handle this first one.


4 responses to “One hundred push ups 2A

  1. Keep it going Kirk – nice progress…


  2. Wish me luck – I’m about to hit the floor for 2B myself.

  3. Good job 🙂 I’ve only started this and I’ll be doing 1B this saturday. (I’m on the same class (6-10 push ups) too.)

    Wishing you luck !

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