My first fuel belt

After having a lot of dehydration issues last week I finally got around to getting a fuel belt. I ended up buying one from I picked the helium 4.

I guess I like it. I haven’t really put it through it’s paces yet. I tried it on and it fits nice and snug. I walked around the house and swung my arms around like an idiot and I never hit one of the bottles. The bottles seem pretty secure in their holsters. It actually takes a little bit of force to get them out. It also takes quite a bit of force to pull the tops up. I’m not too thrilled with that. Maybe they’ll loosen up with time and washing?

I’ve got four water bottles so I’m thinking of filling three with water and one with gatorade. I have no idea how much you’re supposed to drink when you’re out. I think I might take a few sips every 15 minutes or so. Maybe I’ll drink the gatorade when I’m done.

I guess I’ll figure all this out on Sunday when I do my next long run.


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