Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 4, day 4

99 minutes.

What doesn’t hurt?

I somehow managed to run for 99 minutes today. The plan calls for 9 miles. I know I got in at least 8 but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get 9.

I feel OK right now but immediately after I felt like I was going to die. My left foot hurt, my lower back hurt and my nipples hurt (forgot the bandaids!). My “performance” t-shirts are supposed to “wick” sweat. They don’t “wick” anything after you’ve run over an hour and a half. I had to peel that thing off of me when I got home.

The temperature was still in the mid 90’s when darkness was setting in. I tried my hardest to slow down early and I did. I was three and half minutes off my pace at the 20 minute marker. I did OK from there until about the 60 minute mark. For about 5-10 minutes there I was doing nothing more then glorified walking. I was swinging my arms and legs but I wasn’t moving too fast. I don’t understand that. It’s like the anticipation of 40 more minutes of running made me more tired. Later on I caught my stride again and managed to move a little faster. I might be paying for that tomorrow. My legs are dead right now.

Whatever. I survived and that’s quite an accomplishment.

Luckily I was pretty well hydrated. Got the chance to try out my fuel belt. I think it might be too big but it will be manageable for the short term.

The gatorade probably wasn’t a good idea. There is nothing better after a run then a nice cool glass. Warm gatorade – not so much. Too sweet. Plus it only gave me a boost for five minutes and then I had a little crash.

The water was nice and I definitely noticed an extra kick in my step after I finished a bottle. I drank one 8 ounce bottle every thirty minutes. I finished off the Gatorade and the last water bottle around the 90 minute mark. As I was pushing through I thought about how grateful I was to be hydrated. As bad as I felt, I decided that the 77 minute run with no water was still much worse then this one.


2 responses to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 4, day 4

  1. Congratulations – running in the mid-90’s is never easy, especially when you’re running for almost 100 minutes.

    Well done and I hope you’re not hurting too much today…


  2. Well done indeed.

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