Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 5, day 2

55 minutes.

The weather was really nice on my run. It got really cool because a rainstorm was coming. The rain started falling minutes after I stopped running. I had to walk home in it but I’ll trade that for cool temps any day.

Had a little trouble to start out. My back was acting up a little. I was taking short, choppy steps in order to keep from hurting myself. After 10 minutes the pain stopped. I decided to try to make up time by basically running as fast as I could for the next 10 minutes. I still hit the 20 minute marker one minute late.

That sucks! I’m not reaching for some impossible goal. It took me twenty minutes to get there over a month ago. I hope this back thing isn’t some recurring problem I’m gonna have to deal with.

The last 35 minutes were pain free and actually really nice. I ran at about an average clip and felt as comfortable as ever. It was during that time that I remembered I actually like to run sometimes.


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