My new home and my new gym

I’m finally back in DC.

The run didn’t happen. It was over 100 degrees every single day down there. I saw 103 at one point. Some guy told me the heat index was 110. REDICULOUS.

Even with that I came away with a much better impression of Memphis then I thought I would. The house we are looking at buying is located in an awesome location. It’s walking distance from the Mississippi and an awesome running path. I was blown away. It easily beats the view of my current path.

I’m also in love with my future gym. It is a REAL gym. My first ever. The guy who showed us around made that perfectly clear. You can use chalk and throw the weights on the ground. I was in disbelief when he told us that. To prove it he picked up a plate and threw it to the ground as hard as he could. I think I was sold on the place at that exact moment!

Then I saw SIX squat racks. The crazy thing was that we were there at around 6pm on a Tuesday and none were in use. Can’t think of a better sign. I’ve already picked out my favorite rack. You can get in it and not have to face a mirror.

There are also three swimming pools, a jacuzzi, two tennis courts, a full sized basketball court, raquetball courts and even a huge indoor track surrounding the place. There is a ton of cardio equipment and they made it clear that you can stay on any of them all day if you want. No time limits! Wow!

All of this and it costs exactly half what we currently pay. I’m excited. I think I’m going to get into swimming and probably a little tennis since my wife loves that so much. Who knows what else I’ll do. There’s so much variety that there’s gonna be no excuse to not go. After this marathon is over I’m looking forward to doing something different every day.


2 responses to “My new home and my new gym

  1. Sounds like an awesome new gym! And glad to hear Memphis was better than expected. Do you know how soon you will be relocating?

  2. Sounds like Wimbleton Sportsplex, maybe? But then again that’s not near the river. I’ve lurked your blog for a while – I’m from Memphis originally too. Good luck with the move – hope you have some success in your training efforts there!

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