Taking time off from the gym was a great decision

Just a little note before I forget. August 1st would have been my two year anniversary of going to the gym. I haven’t been in well over a month, though, so it’s not much to celebrate.

Taking a break from lifting was a great decision. I worried about it a good deal. I worried that I would gain fifty pounds and degenerate into some couch potato. I didn’t. This time off has allowed me to focus on my running and I’ve kept it up.

The best thing about this past six weeks is that my lower back pain has gone away (knock on wood). I’ve had some bad times on a few of my runs but other then that I haven’t had any problems. Some of the little things that annoyed me like pain when I bent forward to brush my teeth or when I got off the couch are basically gone. I can pick up a case of bottled water off the ground without grimacing. I feel good as new.

The back thing robbed me of most of the enjoyment of going to the gym. Every day was a struggle. I got tired of telling myself to suck it up all the time. When I return I hope I can get back to having fun like I used to.

I’m not sure when I’ll go back. I only know that I will, someday. Maybe in October after this marathon is over. Who knows. Weight lifting was a huge part of the reason I lost so much weight and it’s gonna be a big part of what’s going to help me keep it off.


One response to “Taking time off from the gym was a great decision

  1. Yeah, doing serious lifting and serious running at the same time doesn’t really work.

    I’m going to go back to lifting once my half marathon is done as well.

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