My trip home – everyone thinks I’m skinny and I eat like a pig

Just got back from my trip home.

Interesting experience….

Every single person I met raved about how “skinny” I was. This was a little puzzling since they all saw me at Christmas and I only weighed 20 pounds more back then. I don’t know. It seems like that’s just the thing to say, I guess. I’m the guy who’s lost a lot of weight. That’s my identity. If they see me, that’s the conversation starter.

I told my wife that I hope there comes a day when nobody mentions my weight. It’s really nice to hear people say that I look good but it’s also a reminder that I used to be really fat. I forget about that when I’m
living my day to day life.

My eating down there was outrageous. I gave zero thought to calories. If I wanted it I ate it. If I wanted more I ate more. I can’t believe how much ice cream and cake I ate. My mom had four different kinds of ice cream and two cakes. I had more then my share of all of them. I also stopped at Ben and Jerry’s immediately after eating fast food at the airport – twice!

The meals I ate at home were decent, for the most part. I had smaller servings. Not because I had any thoughts of staying on some diet. I just stopped when I didn’t want any more. Had to save room for all of the desserts. It’s amazing that I never got sick the whole time. I also never got that lethargic feeling that you get after a HUGE meal. Maybe I didn’t eat as much as I thought I ate? Maybe you don’t get that if you’re in better shape? Don’t know. Never eaten like that since I’ve been doing this weight loss thing.

I weighed 234 when I left for the airport and I just weighed in at 244. In the past I probably would have freaked out but I’ve been through this process for so long that I’m not worried. I’ll be under 240 in a day or two. I’ll be within shouting distance of 234 in a week. No big deal. If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing.


2 responses to “My trip home – everyone thinks I’m skinny and I eat like a pig

  1. I can see myself in quite a few of the things you say.

  2. Funny. Just got back from a week-long vacation to Ocean City, MD, and also managed to gain 10 pounds in a week. But you’re right. It was damn fun while it lasted.

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