Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 8, day 4

143 minutes (13 miles)

Running for two hours and twenty three minutes is just as hard as you would imagine it would be. Probably my most painful run ever.

I ran this one about an hour and a half earlier then last week in order to avoid the problem with darkness. This forced me to start my run with the temperature in the high 80’s. It didn’t feel that bad but I wonder if that had an effect on my run.

I was OK until about the 45 minute mark. From that point on it was pretty much pure hell. My legs were on fire. At about the hour mark I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish. The fact that I did finish is just a testament to how freaking stubborn I can be. I gritted my teeth and grinded it out for over an hour and a half.

The walk home was somehow yet again the worse part. I literally had to stop and sit down twice along the way. I was grunting with almost every step. It was pitiful.

Just a miserable experience. It’s times like these that I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I decided to run a marathon.


2 responses to “Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training, week 8, day 4

  1. Damn. It sounds like it was no fun today. Good on you for sticking it out.

  2. I need to borrow some of your stubbornness (sp?) please. I’m on Week 4 of C25K (remember doing that…all those years ago? lol) and I had to stop. I was so disappointed with myself, but the leg pain was too much. Will be trying again Wedesday!

    You inspire me to keep trying and to never give up. Thank you!

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